F Gustafson  |  Cinematic Music and Sound

Power, ambient, adventure,
daydreaming, gentle, playful,
passionate, action, energetic.

Higly emotive scores, suitable for film, trailer and TV series.
Packed with only the most excellent quality of sounds, the dramatic tracks vary from intense to subtle and take you on epic journeys.

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F Gustafson is a music artist and producer from Copenhagen, Denmark.
He is mainly influenced by Dave Porter (Breaking Bad), Peter
Gabriel, Pink Floyd, and Brian Eno.

The strong force in his music is the background intensification of a
screen action.
Furthermore, the content of many tracks holds a unique and strong character
and may have a surprisingly powerful impact.

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Info on the tracks:

The titles by F Gustafson are sorted thematically.
Every title is a theme.
Some themes hold only one track and some themes hold multiple tracks.

I.e. The theme Fire Horse holds 12 tracks: Fire Horse 1.A,
Fire Horse 0.4, Fire Horse 2.C etc. The theme Pripyat holds only two tracks:
Pripyat 1.A and Pripyat 2.A. And the theme Spider Echoes i.e. holds only one track.

The multiple tracks within a title can easily be mixed with each other
and will fit perfectly together within a thematic context.

Higly emotive scores, suitable for film, trailer and TV series.